Code Central – THE 5-12 Coding Curriculum you want

In my work supporting schools across the country, I often come across new products and ideas that are just too good not to share. I want to tell you a bit about one of them…Code Central.

What is Code Central?

Code Central is a standards-aligned, state-accredited, 5-12 Computer Science curriculum and platform (complete with its own LMS, standards-aligned scope and sequence, lessons, and student and teacher portal) that could easily serve as the foundation of your school’s computer science program, or support an elective or after school offering. What I like most about it is that it is built for teachers by teachers. While you can use it as a minimally supervised, self-directed study, what sets Code Central apart from other offerings is that it provides teachers with daily, task-driven lessons and resources, training, and real-time support for teachers. The custom-built LMS serves as an engaging platform that gamifies coding into challenges, assessments, and projects. While some knowledge of coding basics is needed for the instructor, she need not be a coding wiz to help her students become wizzes themselves.

What Does Code Central Provide?

Code Central’s Level-Up Curriculum consists of engaging instructional materials and an easy-to-use platform that allows schools to provide the highest quality Computer Science education for students. Our project-based curriculum was created and developed in-house by members of the Nevada Department of Education K-12 Computer Science Standards writing team and has been refined over several years of continuous development through practical application and use by thousands of students and was recently accredited by the Nevada DoE.

Code Central’s curriculum and Learning Management System provide schools with everything needed to ensure grade-level standards are being met. In addition to aligning with state requirements, we utilize industry-standard tools to ensure that students are learning real-world job skills. 

Code Central provides teachers and schools with all the necessary tools and materials needed to successfully implement accredited Computer Science learning in the classroom, including:

  • Instructional guides to assist teachers in implementing student collaboration in the classroom
  • Professional Development for teachers from our curriculum specialists
  • Educational & Technical support from a team of experienced instructors and technicians
  • Initial and ongoing consultation

Learn More

If this sounds like something that would be of value to you or your students, please shoot me an email ( and I’ll connect you directly with the team so you can schedule a call to learn more.

Check them out: Code Central Website